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AA and AAA Batteries

I needed some AAA batteries and picked up an 8 pack at OSH.


I really don’t have too many devices that require AAA batteries, so I wasn’t going to buy that jumbo pack from Costco, even though on a per battery basis, it would likely have been much cheaper. If I bought a 4 pack, the per battery price was $0.985. For the 8 pack, the per battery price was $0.795. Since Costco had trained me to buy in bulk, I took a look at the 16 pack price.


At OSH, the 16 pack of AAA batteries cost $0.81 per battery—slightly more than the 8 pack price! I don’t have a AAA battery comparison at a different store, but I do have a AA battery comparison at Target.


Target sells a 16 pack of AA batteries for $10.39. OSH sells the same for $12.95—24.64% more than the Target price.

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