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Verka Mango Lassi

Two weeks ago, I struck gold during a Costco treasure hunt. Costco was selling 8 16-ounce Verka mango lassi yogurt drinks for $9.89. Sometimes, I need a decent tasting floor sample to convince me to spring for a new item, considering that if you make a mistake a Costco, it ends up being a BIG mistake. Don’t want an unwanted item in bulk hogging the refrigerator.

The mango lassi drink was the real deal. Loved it. Although it does take up quite some space in the refrigerator, it was all gone in a couple of days. So, last week, I was determined to resupply the fridge. Unfortunately, Costco was OUT! The only downside of shopping at Costco is that some items are not always in stock. I thought that the mango lassi might have been a one time test item. However, when I returned tonight, Costco had a refrigerator stocked full of mango lassi. No government shutdown and two cases of mango lassi in the fridge. More than anyone should ask for in one night.

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