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12-inch Saute Pan

I was using a Calphalon 12-inch non-stick pan that I had purchased from Target for about 40+ dollars. As with all non-stick pans, the nonstick interior started to degrade over time. Since Calphalon has a lifetime guarantee, I thought about returning the pan for a replacement. But, a quick trip to the UPS store gave me second thoughts since postage was going to run about $15, not to mention another $5 for the shipping box.

At Costco, I was evaluating the alternatives. The Tramontina Sauté Pan Set ran $23.99 for 8, 10 and 12-inch pans. I only wanted a 12-inch pan, since I already had relatively new 8-inch and 10-inch pans. But, the $23.99 price was compelling.

For a tad bit less, the Tramontina 12-inch covered everyday pan was selling for $21.99. I already had a 12-inch lid. However, I would have preferred a long handle instead of the shorter side handles. The difference is that you can control the pan with one hand with a long handle, but need two hands when gripping both side handles.

So, the Tramontina 3-pack ended up in the shopping cart. Let’s see how long this set will last.

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