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Oxi Clean: Costco Instant Rebate

Costco regularly sells a 15 lb box of Oxi-Clean for $16.99. Currently, Costco has an instant manufacturer’s rebate of $4.00, which drops the price down to $12.99. So, if the sales prices at traditional retail stores are almost as good as the regular prices at Costco, how good are Costco’s sales prices?

Costco Oxi Clean

Mind you that this is not a mail-in rebate or one that requires a coupon in hand. The discount is automatically taken at the register. Since, 1 pound = 16 ounces, Costco sells Oxi-Clean at $0.071 per ounce (regular price) and $0.0541 per ounce (sale price).


Target sells a 6 pound tub of Oxi Clean for $8.49, marked as a temporary price cut. The regular price is $9.99. So, Target sells Oxi Clean at $0.104 per ounce (regular price) and $0.0884 per ounce (sale price). Currently, the OxiClean site has a $1.00 OxiClean coupon for any OxiClean powder (56 oz. or larger). Since 6 pounds = 96 ounces, the tub qualifies. So, at $7.49, the unit price is now $0.0780 per ounce, which isn’t even better than the Costco regular price. The killer deal is that the Costco sale price is over 30% the Target sales price + coupon! For the same amount of stain remover, 6 lbs. at the Target sales price with coupon is $7.49 and 6 lbs. at the Costco sales price is $5.19.

Granted, whether you are buying 6 lbs. or 15 lbs. of Oxi Clean, either size will last a long time. While you do save $2.20 per 6 lbs., saving a couple dollars a month isn’t the same as saving a couple dollars per week (or per day).

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