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Cream Style Corn

I really don’t understand the concept of member pricing at supermarkets. Although the member pricing at supermarkets usually is not competitive with Costco, it still looks quite enticing when compared to the jacked-up non-member price. And, if you track prices at all, you will realize how completely ridiculous the non-member pricing is. LIke it’s a trick or something.


So, I spotted S&W Cream Style Corn going for 4 for $5.00 at Safeway, or $1.25 per can. The club price is cheaper than canned corn at Piazza’s, but their non-member price is more expensive. I don’t know if Safeway is trying to instill this message in me, but the takeaway for me is that Safeway is expensive; even more so than the smaller Piazza’s, which already is not cheap by any means. And if Costco will just sell cream style corn, I would be buying it there for $0.783 per can instead. As good as canned cream style corn is, I should probably attempt to make it one of these weekends while fresh corn is still available.

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