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Ice Cream

This comparison is a bit different than all the others because Costco only sells one brand of ice cream: Kirkland Signature. Of course, you can pick up a box of Haagen-Dazs bars or occasionally a tub of gelato. However, for straightforward ice cream, I’ve never seen anything other than the house brand, which really is quite good.


So, Costco sells 2 x 1/2 gallon tubs of Kirkland Signature Super Premium Vanilla Ice Cream for $6.99. I spotted a coupon for Breyers Ice Cream from Piazza’s Fine Foods. $2.99 gets you a 48 oz. carton of delicious, all natural ice cream. Since 48 ounces is 0.375 gallons, the cost per gallon is $7.97, or about a dollar more than the price at Costco. Of course, the big difference is that I can pick a flavor other than vanilla

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